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Karenajacobs 15 days ago

Juicy Chicken

We used to go to a different Persian restaurant in Agoura until friends recommended Sadaf. We are hooked on the Juicy Chicken; I get it with the cherry rice which adds a tart fruity counterpoint to the well seasoned very very juicy chicken. It has never disappointed us. Thank you Sadaf for making this delicious food!

Aim 21 days ago

Veggie Gheimeh Bademjan

The most delicious dish! Loaded with flavor, tender eggplant, perfectly cooked lentils. Everything about this was perfect. I've ordered this from Sadaf multiple times, and am never disappointed.

Debi about 1 month ago

Albaloo Polo

Honestly the best Persian food I've had. Every single thing was delicious. The chicken, the beef, the rice, the eggplant . . . highly recommend it all.

Delangexiomara about 1 month ago

Sadaf Salad

The Sadaf salad is an amazing salad, the size is generous and all the ingredients together brings you to a savory experience. I love their Juice chicken but their salmon and eggplant is also so delicious. We have celebrated many birthdays here and also enjoy their catering. Their staff is great.

Cpark4 about 2 months ago

Juicy Chicken

Everything I've had at Sadaf has been, lamb, steak, barg...and the juicy chicken is downright magical! Such a perfect combination of flavors and juiciness. My son says it is absolutely the best chicken in the world, and I have to agree it's the best chicken I've ever had.

Mysterygirltwenty about 2 months ago

Cornish Hen

Best hen I've ever had!!! Everybody should definitely come try it because you will instantly LOVE ittttt! Seriously sooo yummy!

Sophie about 2 months ago

Beef Koobideh

I was blown away by the quality of this dish. You cannot find a better version (or better portions) anywhere else in the San Fernando Valley!

Michelle 2 months ago

Juicy Chicken

My daughter LOVES the juicy chicken. She says it's the best chicken she's ever had. We now get it to go almost once a week.

David 2 months ago


The barg is an absolute favorite among my family! I would highly recommend this to all meat-lovers! (The rice was also addictive!)

Elelelelelele4754pin 2 months ago

Veggie Skewers

they were able to make the veggies so flavorful. best veggie dish i've had from any restaurant in quite some time!

David 2 months ago

Juicy Chicken

The juicy chicken is perhaps the juiciest, most delectable poultry in which one may have the pleasure of indulging! Every bite outdid the last as the array of spectacular seasonings spread across my tongue. Seriously, do yourself a favor and order this chicken!

Smostow 2 months ago

Juicy Chicken

My whole family is OBSESSED with Sadaf! Their food is absolutely delicious. My favorite is the juicy chicken — I don't even understand how they get white meat to be so juicy (the dish really is true to its name!) Great service and great ambiance too.

Vickie 16 days ago

Sadaf Combination #2

We tried Sadaf because they supported/fed our firefighters during the terrible fires. The food at Sadaf is amazing & of the highest quality. We choose a local restaurant for takeout each week during this crisis. Sadafs quality & service remains fantastic. We are proud to support this local restaurant.

Sarabakhti 28 days ago


Amazing customer service! I ordered food from Florida, to my best fried who just gave birth in Cali. They delivered the food hot, prompt, and they were super super nice!

Kat about 1 month ago


Every time I come to Sadaf I get their Tahdig! So so good, you will never be disappointed.

Mnazarbekian about 1 month ago

Salmon Kabob

Everything at Sadaf Restaurant is delicious!! Our family favorites are the salmon kabob with sabzi polo and the chicken barg soltani with beef koobideh. Huge portions, fresh, quality food that won't disappoint.

Ggawesome about 2 months ago

Baghali Polo

Hello Reynold, I also very much enjoy this dish, and was wondering if you could give me your grandmother's recipe! Could you just post it up here in another review? Thanks so much!

Kksulhani about 2 months ago

Chicken Shish Kabob

This is certainly a classic in my home! One of the best kabobs this side of the Mediterranean!

Vanaspati about 2 months ago

Juicy Chicken

Who knew chicken could be so good. As the name says, it is Juicy, and flavorful, pairs perfectly when you upgrade to the rice with the dates, raisins and lentils. A meal you will crave immediately after finishing.

Reynold 2 months ago

Baghali Polo

This dish was very good and reminded me of my grandmother's cooking.

Gm2213 2 months ago

Chicken Koobideh

Wow! Absolutely fantastic chicken! Every bite was bursting with flavor in this must-have dish!

Amahoobian 2 months ago


My grandma used to make the best tahdig ever. This dish was so delicious and it also reminded me of the times my grandma made it for me. I am definitely going to have this again from Sadaf. thank you so much for making my meal so meaningful.

Jpadwick 2 months ago

Sadaf Combination #3

Wow, tried Sadaf's for first time. !mazing meat quality, perfectly cooked, juicy not dry. My wife sent me back for another order the next day!

Amostow 2 months ago

Juicy Chicken

True to its name, the juicy chicken from Sadaf is, without exaggeration, the juciest and most flavorful chicken I have ever had in my life. The saffron and whatever other seasoning they put made the flavors amazing, but nothing beat the sensation of biting down on that bird and letting it melt in my mouth. The rice, too, is so flavorful that to even eat it on its own (without combining it with the other flavors on the plate) is a fully satisfying experience. We had a lot of rice leftover from ordering an entire takeout meal with the family, and I ate ALL of the leftovers first thing the morning after. Yes, the flavors are so irresistible that I literally couldn't help stealing my siblings' food. If I weren't unemployed, I'd probably be ordering the juicy chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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